For months, we have been preparing for the total solar eclipse in Western New York. Many people modified their travel plans, made plans to watch the eclipse in a safe location, and the majority of people prepared ahead of time for the eclipse traffic jams….

Which never came to fruition. However, several businesses and employers closed the offices early on Monday to prepare for potentially disastrous traffic. 

One of the main people who urged against unnecessary travel was Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz. 

“The traffic is going to be horrible,” Poloncarz predicted back in February 2024 while talking with WKBW

Over the last few months, residents of Western New York were encouraged to watch the eclipse from home, and Poloncarz was one of those people advising that we stay home. 

“Your best place to watch the eclipse is probably at your home, as long as you have a clear view of the sun it doesn’t matter where you are,” Poloncarz told WKBW

On Eclipse Day, it was cloudy in Western New York, which means many people did not get the view that they hoped for. Poloncarz didn’t want to miss the eclipse, so he drove to Ashtabula, Ohio – approximately two hours from Buffalo. 

You can see the check-in below via X.

“It’s nice and sunny where I am and there’s lots of people here, but unfortunately it is not Erie County,” Poloncarz said. “It is Ashtabula County, Ohio at the Ohio Welcome Center. It looks like it’s going to be a good place to watch the eclipse.”

“Unfortunately, we drove straight through clouds all the way through New York up until Erie, PA, so I don’t have a very good feeling for everyone back home,” he said. 

As you can imagine, there were many people who felt a type a way about seeing this video on X where Poloncarz, our Erie County Executive, posted a video boasting about his view for the eclipse after advising Erie County residents to stay at home and for businesses to close due to the high influx of travelers for the eclipse. 

Not really the best look, here….

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