Happy fall New York State! The weather has been absolutely perfect over the last couple of days. The sunny skies and temperatures in the 70's has given us afternoons that are better than most we had this summer. But as we get enjoy the being outside and watching the seasons change, there are some things to keep in mind.

Ask most people who grew up in the Northeast and they will most likely tell you that there is nothing better than witnessing the four seasons the way we do. Yes, there are long, cold days in the winter. But those are balanced out with beautiful spring, summer and fall days. I have often said that people who don't love our weather just have not figured out the way to handle it or enjoy it. For our family, we simply love to be outside.

I was watching our three sons jump in and out of what I like think was the biggest leaf pile in the county! I mean I had that thing piled high as the roof! A neighbor stopped by and reminded me to check the kids for ticks after we were done playing.


Ticks? In leaves? My neighbor was right. I try to make sure that out boys have long pants and sleeves and, if available, tick spray on when we play in the woods or backyard. With the weather being so nice, the bugs are still pretty active. I am sure you have a story of a friend or family member who has seen or experienced a tick on them or someone close to them. Ticks are not fun and can have serious side effects if not taken care of quickly. We make sure to take of our clothes and shake them out before we get inside and check the boys from toe to head to make sure they are good to go.

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