Ticks are usually a problem during most summers but this year could be especially bad, according to Rebecca Roll, founder and chair of Lyme WNY, via WKBW.

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Roll urges everyone to be vigilant, especially parents of small children, because of a warm winter. Ticks are more prevalent this year than usual.

"It is horrendous. It is the most we have ever seen," said Roll.

Lyme disease cam mimic the flu, so it's very hard to diagnose. It starts with a bulls-eye shape rash where a tick bites.

"Half the ticks in Erie County are carrying either Lyme Disease or other infections," explained Roll.

Some ways to combat ticks are using appropriate tick repellent, light-colored clothing (so they're easy to spot), and frequent body checks, especially young children.

As a dog owner, it's also important to check on your dogs for ticks as well. Get a Lyme disease vaccination and check on your dog's fur for any bugs from the outside every so often.

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