You've seen eating competitions.  You've heard of tiny women winning them.  It happened again.  Her name is Emma Dalton and she's a tiny British woman who took on "The Hibernator" - a huge 8,000 calorie breakfast.

The meal includes:

  • eight pieces of bacon
  • eight sausages
  • four hash browns
  • four fried eggs
  • a four-egg cheese omelette
  • four waffles
  • four pieces of toast
  • four pieces of fried bread
  • four pieces of black pudding
  • two ladles of beans
  • two ladles of tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • fries
  • a two-pint milkshake
And she did it all in under an hour.

I just don't understand the glory of eating an enormous amount of food.  I understand the shock from it.  When I hear of someone downing an unheard of amount of chicken wings or cheeseburgers to become a competitive eating champ, I get a lump in my stomach that makes me want to throw up.

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