Toby Keith is making your drinking festivities even better. He has this new liquor called Wild Shot Mezcal, which is similar to tequila, which sure comes with some excellent drink ideas to put in your 'Red Solo Cup' this season.  Or keep it plain and simple, you can put some of the silver or reposado Mezcal right into your hot chocolate. Check out some other recipes right here...


Blue Mezcalita – For the ladies.

1.5 oz Wild Shot Silver

1 oz Patron Citronge

Splash of Blue Curacao

6oz of Margarita Mix

Directions: Blend with ice or serve on the rocks


Wild Wine Sangria -  at dinner? Why not

2 parts Red Wine

1 part Wild Shot Silver

1 part Grand Marnier

1 part Pomegranate Juice

1 Part OJ

Dash of Agave Nectar

Directions: Rim glass with cinnamon & sugar


Bocanegra  -  I bet this one will get you going

1 part Wild Shot Silver

1 part Coffee Liquor

Directions: Shake and serve in a Sambuca rinsed shot glass.

Check out more of Toby's recipes right here.