The Buffalo Bills are about to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a game that would certainly help the Bills in the AFC standings, although it's not nearly as important as winning their games against the New England Patriots on December 26th and the New York Jets to close out the regular season.

The Bills hold down the 7th and final seed in the AFC playoff picture, with a 7-5 record.

Buffalo has not won back-to-back games since week 5 and are coming off a brutal loss to the Patriots last Monday night, in a game that saw rookie quarterback Mac Jones throw just three passes.

The Bills are facing a familiar face in Tom Brady today. It's the first time they have played Brady since he left New England.

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At age 44, Brady isn't showing any signs of slowing down. The seven-time Super Bowl champion leads the league in passing yards, attempts, completions and passing touchdowns. The Bucs are the number one offense in football.

However, Father Time will catch up to Brady at some point and chances are, today is the final time the Bills will ever play him. Why?

Brady is 44 and he now plays in Tampa Bay. The Bucs are in the NFC South, which means the Bills will only play them once every four years, as AFC teams rotate NFC divisions every season.

That with Brady's age makes it unlikely the Bills will play Brady after today, unless they meet in the Super Bowl of course. Will Brady play until he's 48 years old? Maybe. It's been long talked about he wants to play until he's 50, which even for him is hard to believe.

So, if today is the last time Buffalo faces Brady, it would be pretty cool to send him off with a loss.

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