From the title, it sounds like a wonderful festival filled with different barbecued foods....from pulled pork to brisket...racks of ribs to some good ol' bbq'd chicken.  Now that I'm done dreaming.....LOL....It's actually a really important day.  Smokers around the U.S. are being..... urged to give up their cigarettes for good today!  In reality, most people will not just drop their smokes today, but the day should be a reminder that quitting could save you from acquiring serious diseases.



-This is the 36th year that the American Cancer Society has run the campaign.

-Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of disease and early death in the nation.

-More than 46 million Americans smoke.

-More than half of those people tried to quit smoking at least one time this year.



*Info taken from Metro Source prep and American Cancer Society*


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