Yes...for all you candy lovers out there, today is our day!

The day after Valentine's Day historically has been the day many stores will mark down their Valentine's Day candy by 50%

Here are some tips on getting the good stuff cheap:

1. Go 50% off or Bust - Some places will try to milk the sale and start with 10% or 25% off. If it is not 50%...move on!

2. Buy Candy You Want To Eat - Getting a great deal is awesome unless the candy sits around in your house because no one wants it. The deal is to buy the stuff you will eat!

3. Know the Expiration Dates - Some candy could have been on the shelves for weeks if not months. Before you buy, check the expiration date. While you could go a couple of days past, you don't want to eat stale stuff!

4. Share The Discounted Deals - The main goal of candy is to feel good, so share the goods with someone special and you will feel extra good!



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