So I was paging through this magazine called Happen and I stumbled upon a little survey on best places for a first date.  This survey polled 1,000 singles and here is what was found.  According to the survey a...Coffee house was the #1 choice- I guess this depends on the type of person you are and the type of person you're taking on a date.  For me a coffee house would mean extreme boredom.  I need a little more excitement than that.  When I think coffee house I think...computers...soft music..&..trendy hipsters.

A walk in the park-  #2- Not a bad idea!!  It's usually done on a nice day...It lets you both get a bit of exercise, but in some cases the girl might think you are a cheap-o!  You better have something planned after that because if all she gets is a lap around a park...she may not give you a 2nd date.

The local diner -#3- What is this the 50's....Do I take her to a sock-hop next??  Lol...Just kidding...Diners are cool...One of my favorite is the Lake Effect on Main. St. in the University district.  Share a milkshake, split some pancakes.  If she eats bacon on the first date....she's a keeper!  :)

Brunch- #4- Not sure if pigging out on the first date is a good thing.  With a brunch comes a lot of food.  This one I'd say...probably not !

Live music #5 - Always a good time...just add liquor!!  LOL  I'm a big fan of live music...concert, small bar show or whatever.  True, the focus may be off you for part of the time, but you come across fun..and if the music is good and the drinks are might just have a super fun night! ( Thank you  Dr. Seuss)

Museum  #6- If the date is that kinda person....Go right ahead!  To me a museum date is for when you have been going out for a while and you are really bored.  Art Museums, Science Museums....both require some thinking....for me a first date should be stimulating.....not sleep inducing!

Fancy restaurant- #7- Love it!  Take me to Friar's Table, 800 Maple, Hutch's, Oliver's....I'm in!  Can't go wrong with a fancy dinner.  She thinks you got dough brotha!!  Be ready to, appetizers, salads, entree, dessert, more drinks, shots, etc.  This is another great idea.....How is it at #7?????  I used to work in kitchens, I appreciate good food, service and atmosphere.  This is the way to go.

Comedy club -#8- Warning new couple....DON'T SIT IN FRONT!!   You're a target.  I'd love to catch a good comedy act, but the clubs here in Buffalo stink....the acts stink.  Once we Buffalo starts pulling in good comedians that come to clubs and not overpriced casinos....I'm in!

Bar- #9- Good 'ole reliable.  The bar is always th first on most guy's minds, but should be a last resort or night cap.   Don't kick the date off by shoving shots in her face, she'll get the idea.  If she's into that....more power to ya.  Just remember....If she gets "drunker" than you....Please find the jukebox and listen to a tune by Trent Tomlinson called "Drunker Than Me"'s good advice!

Sporting event - #10- Again, I don't see how this falls to #10.  Buffalo has great sports teams, the live crowds filled with energy makes a date fun.  Bills games may be a no no......Sabres are perfect....on a good night Bisons are a can't miss too.

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