The Top 10 Fascinating People of 2012 is on tonight. I'm a huge fan of this special as Barbara Walters nails it every year. Not to mention, she is relentless with some of the questions she asks people, especially when they're in the media for a having a not-so-positive-year. Here's a sneak peek of what we can expect from tonight but, who will be #1?


Babs is back at it again. So far, we have been told the top 8 of Walters’ list. They are composed of: actor/director Ben Affleck of “Argo,” the British boy band One Direction, Olympic gymnast and well deserved to be on the list Gabby Douglas, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton , “50 Shades of Grey” author E.L. James, and Honey Boo Boo (cannot wait to see this one by the way).


Though, like every year, for crying out loud she never tells us the top couple spots. Here's a few thoughts on who I think it may be. Do you think it will be any of these will be in the top spots? Anyone else you can think of because I'm fresh out of ideas here people.




Psy: The world has been taken over by this Psy and his “Gangnam Style.” Everyone has heard the song and learned the and thought how ridiculously funny/awkward it is. The music video for the dance/song is the biggest YouTube hit in history. Who knows if this was factored in before the show was taped. But, last week it was discovered people were upraged to learn that Psy once rapped almost a decade ago to 'slowly kill Americans'. Would not be suprised if he is on the list and I actually hope he is and I hope Barbara drills him.





Kim Kardashian / Kanye West: I hope to God that they don't make the top list as they are not on here clearly for good reasons. Kim got on the show last year (shocker...NOT). She's always filled with drama and with their rumored $20 million wedding and a few sex tapes this year, this duo may make the top couple spots on tonight's show. I don't really know if fascinating is the right word for these guys.






Barack Obama: A strong candidate to hit the top of this list. He was the #1 spot back in 2008 when he won the election and again winning the election he may just be back up there. Some people love him and some people hate him. What about you?

Any other possibilities you can think of?

The show is on tonight on ABC 9:30.