Is your family living in a good spot around Western New York? Is the value of your home going up real fast? According to Neighborhood Scout, Buffalo is the hot spot in Western New York for the highest appreciating neighborhoods since 2000.

Neighborhood Scout took into consideration of course the value of the homes, but also the size of the homes, rents vs. mortgages if necessary, area businesses and more.

But, do you live in one of the highest appreciating neighborhoods? Not bad to see if your house is worth much, much more than you paid!

  • 1

    SUNY College at Buffalo / Elmwood Ave

  • 2

    Georgia St / Niagara St

  • 3

    Lafayette Ave / Elmwood Ave

  • 4

    Elmwood Ave / W Delavan Ave

  • 5

    W Ferry St / Elmwood Ave

  • 6

    Main St / Edward St

  • 7

    Trenton Ave / Virginia St

  • 8

    Elmwood Ave / W Utica St

  • 9

    Porter Ave / Pennsylvania St

  • 10

    Main St / W Utica St

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