Fall means apple cider, flannel shirts and pumpkin everything.  If you're looking for the perfect place to grab up a pumpkin here in Western New York, we've got your list.

Remember how exciting it was when you were a kid and your parents finally agreed that it was time to go get your yearly pumpkin?  The family would all cram into the car and you'd head to the place where you've been going to get pumpkins your whole life.  Chances are it was a farm down the street.

You'd get out of the car and see a sea of orange in front of you.

How do you pick just one?  And what are you looking for when you pick them?  Do you want them to be tall or fat?  Should they be the orangest pumpkin you see?  Are they the ones with a flat side so you can carve your perfect masterpiece into it?  Did you just want the one that was the biggest in the whole lot?

Either way, times have changed.  Now there can be sooo much more to it.  I say "can be" because sometimes you're just looking for the most pumpkins you can find.  But if you're looking for an experience with apple cider, corn mazes, and more, you can find those too.

We have a long list of some favorites that have been around for years, and some of the newer places that people are just starting to talk about when it comes to picking the perfect pumpkin in Western New York.

Did we leave your favorite off this list?  Let us know on our facebook page!

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