No Brainer. Hands Down.

Blake Shelton's on top of the country music world right now. His current trek of eight straight #1's is the longest streak by any artist right now, and has a #1 record, 'Based On A True Story....'

Who knows how he does it. On top of having the hottest country music career right now, Shleton also has over 3 million followers on Twitter, holds down a winning chair on NBC's 'The Voice', is about to hit the road on tour, and somehow, he's married to spit-fire bombshell Miranda Lambert. Oh yeah -- he's your reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year.

On top of all that, he still knows how to just be himself. He stirred up the tabloids when he made a comment about old-timers in country that got Ray Price all fired up. But, even when he's not even talking -- they're still making up stories about the guy. Shelton and Lambert covered magazines when some dingbat decided to make up a story that he cheated on his wife.


They even thought enough people liked him to give him his own Christmas Special in 2012.

If that is not enough reason to make him the #1 Most Influential Country Star of 2013 (So Far), that he can drink all of us under the table should be enough reason!

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