Naming a new fur baby can be very daunting for a lot of people, and if you are stumped here are the Top 5 reasons to give your pet a person's name.

1. People won't know if you are talking about your pet or kid? Think about it, if you said you had to put Jennifer in diapers because she kept wiping her butt on the carpet...people would have no idea what to say!

2. It would be funny when they do something bad...No, Kevin, No...we don't chew on Mommy's shoe!

3. Yelling for them to come home would be hilarious....Here Kenny...Kenny..Kenny...come on boy...come on Kenny, Kenny, Kenny.

4. It would make dinner conversation pretty awkward. So Jason is mad at me because I let Steve sleep in the bed with me. Um...are you cheating...or have an open relationship? Nope...Steve is our dog!

5. Come on...they are part of the won't name your baby Spot, would you?


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