Earlier this week, Brett Alan and I were talking about our kids and we realized that they can't do something that most of us are experts in.

They can't write in CURSIVE!!! Brett was telling me that it took forever for his daughter to sign her name on a form using cursive. I know that my son Avry was never taught cursive in school and he usually just prints his name when he has to sign for something.

So what are some other things kids should how to do? I came up with 5 things.

Balance a checkbook - Most of us now bank online and put 100% trust in banks to make sure the numbers are right. A great life skill is to be able to make sure your checkbook balances out every month.

Wake themselves up on time - If you are like me and have a teenager in your home, GOOD LUCK getting them up on-time for school! This is a very important life skill that kids need to know. Set the alarm, make sure you have enough time to shower, eat and get dressed before work or school. When they are out of the house, mama ain't calling them to wake them up every morning!

Do laundry - I am not even sure my son knows where the washing machine is in our house! I think he thinks a magic elf picks up the clothes from the bathroom and somehow clean clothes magically appear in his closet! Learning to wash, dry, iron, and fold laundry is a MUST for every kid.

Pump Gas - Another simple, but important thing every kid who has a learners permit or license should know how to do. Also changing a flat tire is a must!

Make a simple meal -  I know not all of us are great cooks and you don't have to be Gordon Ramsey but every kid should know how to make a simple meal. Whether it is pasta or rice and beans. Something that is easy to do and fills the belly.

What other "must know" items would you add to the list?

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