As wedding season is upon us, we go to these elegant, beautiful weddings to celebrate our friends and family. Though as big and elegant as these events are, there's always that one thing that really just ticks you off.

Earlier we got tons of calls of your pet peeves that included anything from "no open bars during dinner" to "crappy music" and "sitting at tables and you know nobody at your seat". We even had one woman who worked in catering say that her biggest pet peeve is when guests are on their cell phones the entire time.

Here's a survey I found with the top five wedding pet peeves. See yours on the list?

  • 1

    When the wedding is on a holiday.

  • 2

    Not offering somebody a plus one.

  • 3

    When the bride and groom don't come to the tables and greet or thank their guests.

  • 4

    Planning the wedding over an hour away for guests.

  • 5

    Bad food options/Failing to disclose food ingredients on a buffet.

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