Things change when you start a family, and that includes what is desirable in the place that you live. has ranked the best places to raise a family based on public schools, crime rates, cost of living and family-friendly amenities.

So let's take a look! What are the BEST places to raise a family in the state of New York?

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    Munsey Park

    Nassau County

    A+ schools and family amenities and a C- ranking for cost of living.

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    Nassau County

    Public schools get an A+ while cost of living gets a C-. Around 26 percent of residents are 14 or younger.

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    Flower Hill

    Nassau County

    The public schools get an A+ as do family amenities. Cost of living receives a C. Around 26 percent of residents are 14 or younger.

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    Westchester County

    With A+ ranked schools, an A in crime and safety and family amenities and 27 percent of residents 14 or young, Rye comes in at number two.

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    Wetchester County

    Around 27 percent of the residents are 14 years and under, according to Niche. The public schools are given a grade A+ ranking and the cost of living comes in with a C- rating. Crime and safety receive an A and do family amenities gets an A+.


    So what about Erie County? Well the first city in Erie County to make the list comes in at number 46! Who is it? Orchard Park of course! With grade A public schools, a C cost of living, an A in family amenities and 19 percent of residents 14 or younger, Orchard Park is the highest ranked Erie County town in the state.

    Eggertsville comes in at number 83, second place in Erie County. Harris Hill is number 87, and Clarence Center is number 92.

  • Niagara County?

    Niagara County comes onto the list at number 88 with Youngstown, NY!