A bout of nasty weather is cutting its way across New York State today and it will bring a possible chance of severe weather with it.

Besides a chance of thunderstorms across the state, some parts of the state will have a chance to see hail and possible tornado touchdowns.

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The New York Metro Weather Center issued a Tweet stating that a possible tornado could touchdown this afternoon.

So what should you do if a tornado does touchdown?

The CDC has some recommendations for you.

Tip #1 - Be prepared - Have fresh batteries and a battery-operated TV, radio, or internet-enabled device to listen to the latest emergency weather information Have an emergency kit (including water, non-perishable food, and medication). Plus have a list of important information, including telephone numbers for relatives and friends.

Tip #2 - Stay aware of weather conditions - The following weather signs may mean that a tornado is approaching, A dark or green-colored sky, a large, dark, low-lying cloud, large hail, and a loud roar that sounds like a freight train.

Tip #3 - Know where to shelter - If you think a tornado is near go to the basement or an inside room without windows on the lowest floor like a bathroom, closet, or center hallway. If possible, avoid sheltering in any room with windows. For added protection get under something sturdy. Cover your body with a blanket, sleeping bag, or mattress. Protect your head with anything available. Do not stay in a mobile home.

While tornados are rare here in New York State, they still occur and you do want to make sure you are protected.


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