It's a Buffalo treasure, but amazingly not many people know exactly where it is.  The Darwin Martin House at the corner of Jewett Parkway and Summit Avenue, not far from the Buffalo Zoo, is one of the prime examples of the work of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 

He designed and built a series of what are known as prairie-style homes including a number of them in Buffalo -- one of the most famous of them is the Darwin Martin House.

Wright came to Buffalo in the early 1900's to design and build the administration building for the Larkin Soap Company as well as the homes for the company's top executives.  He became friends with one of those executives, Darwin Martin, and built not only his main residence, but a summer home along Lake Erie known as the Graycliff Estate on Old Lakeshore Rd. in the Town of Evans.

The Darwin Martin house is considered to be one of his masterpieces.  It received National Historic Landmark status in 1986.  If you can't make it in person, here's a video tour of the Darwin Martin estate.

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