There is a total eclipse that will pass over North America in 2024.  While that seems far away, it's never to early to get ready.

What is a total eclipse?

In its simplest definition, a total eclipse happens when the moon passes between the sun and the earth.  It blocks the sun completely and will make normal daylight hours look like dawn or dusk.

When is the total eclipse happening in 2024?

There is a total eclipse happening in 2024 on April 8th.  Because the earth rotates and the moon is also on its own orbit around the earth, it will change when we will be able to see it at different parts of the country.  The first place to see it will be on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.  It will then travel from the southwest to the northeast across North America and into Canada.

(Bob Barnett)
(Bob Barnett)
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Can you look at the sun during a total eclipse?

A lot of people think if the sun is completely covered by the moon, you should be able to look into the sky and see when it happens.  However, experts say that is dangerous to try to do that, especially if you're looking through binoculars or a camera without a special filter.  In order to see the eclipse you need to have specialized glasses that are designed for solar viewing.

Where can you get the special glasses?

Luckily, the glasses aren't ridiculously expensive.  They're actually not expensive at all.  You probably paid more for your coffee this morning than what you would pay for a pair of these glasses.

They're available right now at the Darwin Martin House for just $2.00 per pair.  They're ISO and CE Certified, and trusted by the AAS And NASA.

(Bob Barnett)
(Bob Barnett)

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