If you haven't heard, there is a total eclipse coming next week.  So, when should be look for it in Buffalo, NY?The answer unfortunately is that we will not see the total eclipse in Buffalo.  When you experience a total eclipse, the new moon covers the entire disk of the sun.  It will be a total eclipse at some parts of the Earth, but here in Buffalo, we will view it as a partial solar eclipse.  It's pretty confusing, but it's described very well if you click here.

It will still be cool to see.  So when should we look for it?

According to TimeAndDate.com, the best time to watch it will be 2:33pm on August 21st.  That's the time when the moon will be closest to the center of the sun.

Of course remember, you should never look directly at the sun.  Even if the moon is in front of it, you can burn your eyes by doing so.  You might want to look into making a DIY projector to view the eclipse safely.

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