They called it a once in a lifetime event and while many of us kind of scoffed at it at first, if you were outside during the eclipse, it was actually really cool.

In 2017 we saw a total solar eclipse, but we were not in the path of totality.  How much different could it really be?  It can't be THAT weird, is it?

Yes.  In my opinion, it was totally worth the hype.

Most of Western New York was covered in clouds today.  It, of course, prompted plenty of jokes about how it doesn't matter what event is happening in Buffalo, it's always cloudy here.  Or that we missed the sun by :13 seconds.  I even saw one that said the sun was just wide right of the clouds.

Even though the sun itself was partially hidden throughout the event, the clouds almost helped a little.  It gave the entire thing a very ominous feel to it.  And honestly, I don't think the visual of the sun was actually the coolest part of it anyway.

The coolest part was what everything looked like once the eclipse was at totality.  This is what we didn't get to see in 2017.  It was super crazy to see how quickly it went from feeling like it was a stormy evening (at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon) to almost complete darkness. Then it returned to light again almost as quickly as it had come.

We had my niece and nephew with us and it was really interesting to see how they experienced it too.  Although, there was just as much curiosity coming from us, the adults, too.  It was one of those moments where when it's over you look around and ask if anyone got any video of it because you totally forgot about your phone. If you were like me, you were completely entranced by what was happening.  It was an incredible thing to witness.

Hopefully you got a chance to experience this in person, but if you didn't, we're lucky enough to have the internet where tons of other people shared their view of the event.



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