There is an intersection along the Hamburg/Orchard Park border that needs further inspection. Those of us who drive through the intersection at Armor Duells, Bayview, Clark and Abbott Road in Armor know how frustrating and potentially dangerous it can be.

There are plenty of traffic circles around Western New York and have improved the flow of traffic significantly. True, there are still drivers in Western New York who have no clue how to navigate them. There are drivers who stop when they shouldn't and those who go when they should stop or yield!

But what is even more scary, in this case, are the drivers who don't know how to follow the traffic signals. Plus, the traffic backs up even more frequently these days in Armor. With the new stadium being planned and the Erie County Fair just a mile away, the intersection in Armor is one of the busiest in Erie County these days. Once you get through that intersection and take Clark Street to McKinley, there is another spot that gets a little hairy for drivers.

There is a need for a turning lane arrow at the intersection of McKinley and Clark. There is a bad blind spot for oncoming traffic on Clark Street that makes turning left on to McKinley a nerve racking experience!

McKinley and Clark Street
McKinley and Clark Street

The Southtowns has gotten very busy as more and more families are moving in around Hamburg. These two intersections need work and attention before too long. Not only do they seem dangerous they are getting frustrating with the amount of traffic that is making the commute a longer experience.

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