The snow is finally here all across Western New York and like it or not, there are some rules we break on the roads every time it snows!

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The snow really piled up south of Buffalo with some towns getting more than a foot of snow. You may have watched other drivers break a few of these rules. If we are all being honest, we may broken a few ourselves!

Whether it is a written law that we break or not being courteous, here are the top things we do on the roads in a snowstorm.

  1. Not stopping fully at a stop sign
  2. Blowing red lights
  3. Stopping in the middle of an intersection
  4. Not using turn signals
  5. Not parking between lines in a parking lot
  6. Not choosing a lane on an expressway
  7. Not cleaning off the car entirely
  8. Driving way too slow
  9. Tailgating
  10. Passing a plow

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