I remember when I was a little kid, my sister took me to the old Buffalo Drive-In.

The Buffalo Drive-In was in Cheektowaga, near the 33 off Harlem Road. The Buffalo Drive-In only had a fence to keep people out, but I remember kids would jump the fence to try and see a movie on the big screen. I couldn't even tell you what movie we saw, but I remember loving being there.

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The Buffalo Drive-In was eventually town down in 2007 and is now the site of a medical campus. Buffalonians still have the Transit Drive-In, which is up in Lockport on Transit Road.

Movie season is just about here, so we should be getting blockbusters from June-August. New movies are great, but what about old movies? Sure, you've seen them before, but it's special seeing it on a big screen.

The Transit Drive-In will have "Retro Tuesdays" this summer, and the lineup looks pretty cool.

I have seen older movies on the big screen with my dad. It is more special than just watching it in your living room.

Buffalo loves nostalgia, more so than other cities and regions around the country. Just think of all the countless old bars and restaurants that have left us? We still remember them fondly, as is with old movie theaters.

Anyone remember the old University 8 (GCC) theater? On Maple Road in Amherst. I saw Star Wars: Episode One (The Phantom Menace) there as a kid. Maybe a local theater can have a Star Wars marathon?

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