The Transit Drive-In is usually the most popular during the summer and early fall, but there are still going strong with movies and events in November, and now there's potentially something coming for Christmas movie fans.

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According to their Facebook page, the Transit Drive-In hinted at showing Christmas movies very soon...

The Transit Drive-In usually tries to stay open as long as possible, as weather permits. We'll see how long they can stay open before shutting down until the spring, but watching a Christmas movie at the drive-in is MY kind of night out. Under the stars with the family sounds awesome.

I mean, seriously, think of the possibilities? A Christmas Story, Elf, The Santa Clause, Home Alone, Jingle All The Way and so much more! I would love to watch A Christmas Story on the big screen. Maybe bring some Christmas cutouts to eat too!

Which Christmas movie would you like to see at the Transit Drive-In?

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