One of the most unique homes in Buffalo could be yours. Check out these pictures.

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Normally when people are building things, they're constantly checking to make sure that everything remains square.  90-degree angles, especially when building homes, are super important to achieve.  It's one of the biggest complaints from people who purchase homes that are older.  Whether it's from lack of craftsmanship when the house was being built, or things shifting and changing over time, old houses aren't normally perfectly square.

This house is still pretty new, and it's not square at all.  As a matter of fact, it's an entirely different shape.  But this one's lack of square-ness was created on purpose.

It's a triangle, and the theme runs throughout the house.

You can find it at 133 School St. in Buffalo.  It's right at the corner of School Street and Plymouth.  It was imagined by artist Ben Perrone and actually just got finished a few years ago.  It was built in 2019, but from the pictures, you might not know it. It has a strangely modern and retro look at the same time.  Just take a look at the kitchen to see what I mean by that.

It's not big, but it's incredibly unique.  It's only 2000 square feet (maybe that should read triangle feet...but that's probably a whole different measurement) and has just one bedroom, and three bathrooms.  It also has a vacuum elevator and a garage space on the back of the property.

The price tag is pretty hefty for a one-bedroom house, but it's also set up to be incredibly energy efficient with solar panels and heat pumps.  They're asking $760,000.

Your house would easily be able to be picked out by Door dash.  That's for sure! Check out the pictures of this Triangle Home.

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