Most national analysts are very happy with the Buffalo Bills first two draft picks.

The Bills got a new tight end at pick 25 with Dalton Kincaid. He is the best pass catching tight end in the draft and could develop into the best receiver in the class, regardless of position. He will allow Buffalo to change up personnel and make defenses be unsure what look to be in.

Then the Bills took guard O'Cyrus Torrence out of Florida. He is a dominating pure guard, who will likely be a long-term starter for the Bills on the left or right side of the line.

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The Bills also drafted Tulane linebacker Dorian Williams in round three and Florida wide receiver Justin Shorter in round five.

On Monday, the Bills invited a notable rookie to their rookie minicamp, which just so happens to be the son of a former Bills safety and the current Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the NFL.

The Bills have invited former Ohio State defensive tackle Taron Vincent to rookie minicamp. He's the son of former Bills safety, Troy Vincent.

Vincent played with the Bills from 2004-2006 and started most of both the 2004 and 2005 seasons. The Bills was towards the end of his career, as he was a great cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1996-2003.

Vincent is second in command for the NFL, behind commissioner Roger Goodell. He shifted his focus to the business side after he retired in 2007.

We will see if Vincent's son can make the Bills roster.

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