Most people were pretty happy for Mitch Trubisky when he left for Pittsburgh.  But was he set up to fail there?

Mitch Trubisky was a bargain when the Bills picked him up.  But we knew that he wouldn't be here long.  He's a former first-round (second overall) draft pick that was put in a bad situation when he was chosen by the Bears.  Within his first season in Chicago, his head coach (John Fox) was fired and replaced by Matt Nagy.  Things never seemed to get better for him there.  By the 2020 season, The Bears had traded for Nick Foles and announced an open competition for the starting job.  They declined his 5th year option, and that's how he ended up with the Buffalo Bills.

He was an immediate fan favorite.  It was a comfortable safety blanket to know that if anything happened to Josh Allen, we had a former pro-bowl quarterback who could step in and hopefully get us some wins in the interim.  While he understood his role on the Bills, he, of course, wanted a starting job.  No one really blamed him for wanting that.  So when he went to Pittsburgh to replace Ben Rothlisburger, most people were happy for him.

But was he set up to fail? Some would argue that he was.

He's told that they would like for him to be their starter...then just a few short weeks later they draft a young kid from Pittsburgh to compete with him for the starting job.  Obviously, the hometown hero is a fan favorite.

To those who say he was set up to fail...

Was Trubisky lied to?  Maybe.

Did he have a chance to be a starter?  He sure did.

Has he made enough plays?  Nope.

Was he set up to fail?  Sadly...no.

You can't blame a team for drafting someone that they think is a good quarterback as an insurance policy.  They have to do what they have to do to ensure success.  They gave Mitch a chance to prove that he was the guy for them.  After 3 1/2 games he produced 4 touchdowns.  That's just not enough.  I'll still keep rooting for Mitch, but can't blame the Steelers for trying to get a "spark" from their team, as they said.

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