We are happy to be a part of a big night Tuesday (March 5) at Brawler's Deli. It is Brawler's 3rd anniversary party, and the proceeds from the night will support Hospice Buffalo! They have added a unique twist to the party -- "The Iron Bartender" competition.

The party is at Brawler's, which is the lower level of the Pearl Street Grill. Joins for a happy hour event, and stick around to watch the hockey game!

We have been asked as to come up with a drink using Jameson Whiskey as a base liquor. The money from the drinks will go toward the efforts at Hospice. The bartender that sells the most will be crowned champ! Ours is called "The Clay-meson." Here is the recipe:

The Clay-meson

  1. Shot of Jameson
  2. Half shot of Fireball
  3. Half shot of Bailey's Irish Creme
  4. Splash of Grenadine

Mix and serve!