When you go to a minor league baseball game, you might expect to find some cool promotions. Maybe some kind of bobble head might, or some show or movie that is the theme for that game. It’s a good way to get fans into the ballpark.

You could also see an animal run onto the field. Maybe it’s squirrel. You could also get lucky enough to see a fox, cat or dog.

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What about a turkey? Yes, a literal turkey. That’s exactly what the fans at Sahlen Field in Downtown Buffalo saw on Wednesday evening.

A turkey was seen running on the field near the outfield wall and what a sight it was!

I have so many questions. One is how in the world did a Turkey get on the field? It’s also a downtown stadium, so where in the heck did this turkey even come from!? If this was a AA stadium somewhere in the countryside, okay, but downtown Buffalo in April doesn’t exactly scream turkey season.

I love how it’s just minding its own business. Nothing to see here, just a turkey trying to make his way through the outfield dirt. Did anyone see this turkey at Sahlen Field? There has to be more video of it.

How did they get the turkey off by the way? Or did the turkey sho himself out?

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