Everyone knows that you have to be careful with what you post on social media. Country star Chris Young might have to issue a retraction statement after a recent Tweet.

On Wednesday of this week, Young tweeted out this statement.


For those people who never played on the playground during recess at school or hung around with all the kids in the neighborhood, TAG is a simple game where one person is considered "IT" and has to tag the other people in the group. When the person who is "IT" tags another person the person who has been tagged becomes "IT".


Some kids kicked up the game of tag by making up some different rules. Growing up we played "Freeze Tag" where the person who is IT tags someone and they have to freeze until someone else tags them to unfreeze them. Also, we played "Cartoon Tag" where the person had to shout out a cartoon before being tag and then they would be safe.


So if the term tag doesn't mean "Touch And Go", what does it stand for? According to the website Snopes.com, Tag comes from Old English.

Merriam-Webster says the origin of tag is unknown. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) says the word originated in the mid-eighteenth century and is “perhaps a variant of tig.” As to the origin of tig, OED tells us it came into common use in the early eighteenth century and is “perhaps a variant of the verb tick.”

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Of course, TAG is just not for kids. back in 2018, a movie was released based on a group of adult friends who had been playing tag for over 20 years.


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