Being quarantined these last few weeks has been tough on most people.  But at least two beer companies are trying to do more than just make beer to make it a little easier.

Yes, making beer is enough.  That alone has kept many people a little saner.

However, both Miller Lite and Busch Beer are stepping up in different ways to help out.  One helps bartenders and the other helps dogs...and the people who adopt/foster them.

As you know, many bars are closed across the nation.  This means that bartenders are sadly out of a job until this thing comes to an end.  Miller Lite knows that taps aren't flowing and that means tips aren't either.  So they've developed what they call a "Virtual Tip Jar."

And they're going to start to fill it themselves.  Miller Lite will be donating $1 million to the jar to get it started.


Busch Beer is also finding ways to give back.  But theirs is to the people who are adopting or fostering dogs in the next couple of weeks (Although this "contest" is open to people in all 50 states, you would need to get the pet from Midwest Animal Rescue.  So, this looks like it is for people in the midwest only).  They are offering 3 months of free beer to people who choose to adopt or foster.  Three months of free beer...and you get to be with a dog??  Sounds like a couple big wins there to me!

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