Other than the Bills and Sabres, there is one thing that Buffalo takes more seriously than anything else: food.

I've always said that Western New York is one of the best spots for food in the entire country. In fact, dare I say, Buffalo is the best spot for food in the country.

I know, I know, biased probably. It's not too fair of an assessment if you live and have grown up in the city you're propping up, but I feel that strongly about the food we have here in Western New York.

There are foods that Buffalo is famous for.

Chicken wings are the one that rises above the rest, but that's because we're extremely picky about the way our wings are served here.

For starters, there is only one condiment that should be served with wings and that is, of course, blue cheese.

Elsewhere in America, you might find ranch with your wings and I can safely say that ranch here in Buffalo with wings is a huge NO-NO.

Ranch dressing is basically a punchline for locals here in Buffalo.

I mean, ranch is alright I guess if you're eating a salad but since wings are a way of life here, ranch has a bad rap in Western New York. It's very overpowering in taste and blue cheese is more smooth and complimenting, which makes it perfect for wings.

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Another food that is not well-received here is boneless wings...if you can even call them 'wings."

Boneless wings are essentially glorified chicken nuggets, just more fancy if that makes sense. They're chicken pieces, but they're most certainly not wings.

Wings imply the presence of bones and boneless wings don't have bones and were not part of a chicken's wings.

My friends will forever give you the "slanted eye" if you order boneless wings at a local restaurant -- especially if wings are a menu option. You know, actual wings.

Boneless wings and ranch are not terrible foods. However, here in Buffalo, they do not have the best reputation.

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