Buffalo is known for some of the most amazing foods in the world. Some of the most obvious Buffalo staples seem like they have been around forever, but maybe not. For example, when our grandparents were growing up, the chicken wing certainly was not the hype that it is today. You might be shocked to learn that the chicken wing is less than 60 years old.

It was invented at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York as the legend has it. According to the History Channel, there are a couple of different tales of how and when the chicken wing was invented, although both stories have the chicken wing being invented at the same time. According to History.com,

In the 1960s, a Black restaurateur named John Young opened Wings and Things in Buffalo, New York. Around the same time, a white couple named Frank and Teressa Bellissimo began selling chicken wings at the Anchor Bar, about a mile away from Wings and Things. By the 1980s, the Bellissimos had become famous for supposedly inventing Buffalo wings. Yet in recent years, local historians tracing the history of the dish have drawn attention to the contributions of John Young, as well as the cooks who came before him

Here are the ages of some of the most popular Buffalo, New York foods. Their ages are based on 2023.

How old is this Buffalo, New York food?

Rootie's Blue Cheese - 44 years old

The garbage plate - 105 years old

Spong Candy - 112 years old

Chicken Wings - 59 years old

Chicken Parm - 69 years old

Peanut Stick - 88 years old

Beef of Weck - 122 years old

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