One of Buffalo's trademarks is the unique smell. You can't miss it sometimes in downtown Buffalo, driving down the 190 and by canalside. It's the smell of Cheerios and even other General Mills' brands, such as Trix and Golden Grahams.

Another popular attraction in Buffalo are the incredible breweries. So, why not combine the two for an unforgettable beer?

According to WIVB, two Western New York breweries have teamed up to create a beer that quite literally, smells like Buffalo.

Brickyard Brewing Company and Resurgence Brewing Company have created the "Smells Like Buffalo" pilsner.

There's even better news. The beer will be available for sale this Saturday! Cans of "Smells Like Buffalo" will be sold at both locations this weekend.

The beer has a malt taste with doses of honey, vanilla and almonds, which has sold me, because those sound like phenomenal flavors for a pilsner beer!

Every night when I leave the station (or morning) at 3 am, the smell of fresh Cheerios and Trix always fills the air. It honestly is one of the most comforting and nostalgic smells I encounter and putting that comfort into beer form is a terrific idea.

My guess is get to Brickyard Brewing and Resurgence fast because these cans will go super fast.

Brickyard Brewing is located on Center St. in Lewiston. Resurgence is located on Chicago St. in Buffalo.

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