A proposal story is one she’ll tell over and over again throughout her life — so the stakes were high for Tyler Farr when he was planning to pop the question to girlfriend Hannah Freeman. Farr got down on one knee on May 10 at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, known as the “Mother Church of Country Music.”

Farr spilled the story a few days later to radio DJ Bobby Bones, and said as the tour bus was pulling into town, he had them stop by the jewelry store. He was able to pull some strings via friend and country star Jason Aldean to get the case opened up just for him at the jewelry store.

"Maybe not the best idea, because his price range is a little bit higher than mine,” he jokes.

After buying the ring, Farr says he picked up Freeman in the bus to take her to the airport, but told her he had to stop by the Ryman first for something related to an upcoming show. When the two walked in, there were a couple of small tours going on, but Farr took his future bride up near the stained glass in the balcony to propose.

“That was the best thing I could think of; whether it was really cool or not, I don’t know,” he says sheepishly.

The only slight hiccup was trying to find something to put the ring in besides the bag it came in.

“This is very redneck, so don’t make fun of me,” he pleads. “I put the ring in a Crown Royal bag.”

Struggling to find the right words to say, the singer technically didn’t even pop the question, per se.

"I didn’t even say anything. I didn’t know what to say,” he explains. He handed her the ring to open, Freeman started crying, Farr got down on one knee, and he still hadn’t said anything. Farr says he finally mumbled a bit and eventually got out a mere, “Yes?”

Freeman must not have minded the Crown Royal bag or the lack of eloquence too much, because she gave an emotional “Yes!” in response, and the two posed happily on Instagram soon afterward to share the exciting news.

“Proud to say I’m engaged to my best friend and the most amazing woman I’ve ever known,” the caption read.

Farr’s most recent album, Suffer in Peace, was released just weeks before the proposal on April 28 and has since reached no. 2 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

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