Tyler Farr twists the idea of the passionate summer fling in his 'Whiskey in My Water' video. Instead, the video chronicles a young love and a passionate romance -- one that just so happens to take place in the winter.

Leafless trees and fires dot the landscape, and while they wear jackets and boots, they are constantly pressing against one another for warmth.

It's a refreshing update on a standard concept in country music videos, and music videos in general. That's because it's a universal story, but Farr gives it a new spin. The couple at the center of most of the action in the 'Whiskey in My Water' video are super believable as they ride bikes, smooch, share a libation and snuggle in a variety of romantic ways, like in the tub. It's a PG-13 clip, since they tend to be very open with their PDA.

Farr sings his parts while standing among whiskey barrels in a warehouse-like storage space, drenched in the rays of the sun. It's certainly appropriate and follows along with the lyrics. The clip was shot at the George Dickel distillery outside of Nashville, upping the authenticity.

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