I was a student at UB when the football team joined the MAC and became a Division 1-A team.  So it's sad to hear now that the University of Buffalo will be cutting four athletic teams after the spring season.I understand that UB is a university first.  The medical and law schools are some of the best around.  However, it's still sad to see the athletic teams taking a cut.

Baylor v Buffalo
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Athletics can be a huge draw for prospective students.  Not just the ones who are on those teams, but the ones that want to come to a college or university that has extracurricular activities to go to as a spectator.

The teams that will be cut are men's baseball, men's soccer, men's swimming and diving and women's rowing.

According to WKBW, the university cited a lack of resources to cover 20 teams for the cuts.

"The unfortunate reality is that we no longer have the resources to support 20 competitive Division athletic teams. I know that this is a difficult day for our student-athletes, our coaches and the entire athletics program and university. We will work very hard to provide our student-athletes and coaches who are impacted by this decision with the support they need." - UB President Satish Tripathi


In order to remain classified as a Division 1-A school, the university must sponsor football, men's basketball, women's basketball and women's volleyball.

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