University at Buffalo are on the map (again)!

Over the years, the University at Buffalo has been on lists for their education and noticed by prestigious organizations year after year. Today, they can add another milestone to their list. UB tied at No. 8 among more than 330 programs all across the United States as having one of the best online bachelor degree programs.

Now, this does not include all of the classes that were forced to go online due to COVID-19, but rather programs that are designed and implemented only over the internet. How were the colleges scored and ranked? They were based on engagement, services/technology, faculty credentials and expert opinion.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the employment rate among 25- to 34-year-olds in the U.S. with a bachelor's degree was at 86% in 2018. Compare that with the 72% employment rate for those with a high school diploma.
A bachelor’s degree can also lead to a higher salary. In 2018, the average person with a bachelor’s degree earned a median income of nearly $1,200 per week. In comparison, those with an associate degree earned about $860 weekly, while those with a high school diploma averaged $730 a week", according to the US News.

They also saw that starting in 2017 they had above 2.2 million enrolled ONLY in online classes all over America. No doubt that it is so much more convenient, especially for folks with kids and a busy work like at home. Last year they were ranked number 23 on the same list.

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