Well....this is an interesting story. This is actually one of those 'wtf is going on here' kind of stories. It ends up like that too. It ended up in the Facebook group, 'Only in Allegany County'.

There was someone who was trying to move their mobile home to a new location to Irons Road off Friendship Hill. Here is how the story went down apparently:

  • They hired a company to move the mobile home.
  • The company got there and then suddenly bailed.
  • So, now the people tried using a Dodge pickup, but it was too heavy and lifted the Dodge's tires off the ground.
  • Now, they moved onto using the U-Haul.

The owners were trying to navigate it up Friendship Hill. but New York State troopers were there and pulled them over to write them some tickets and call in some real professional movers.

Enchanted Mountain Recovery in Cuba, owned by Jason Schultz came to the rescue.

He said the U-Haul is rated for 8,000 pounds, or four tons. The trailer weighed around 15 tons or between 30,000 to 35,000 pounds", according to the Wellsville Sun.

Jason's wife said:

Theresa Schultz said, “What happens when the transmission blows or bands break in two? You are asking a single axel to haul it. That whole trailer is going back down the hill backward and you aren’t going to stop it. Even if you made the hill, and something broke, it’s going to come down and strike anything in the way.”

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