Buffalo, NY and Western New York in general, take their pizza very seriously. Many of the pizzerias here serve up awesome Buffalo-style pizza, which is slightly thicker, extra cheese, cup-and-char pepperoni, and a sweeter sauce. It's simply bliss.

There are also some fantastic New York-style pizza places in Western New York who shouldn't be slept on.

No matter the exact style of pizza, we certainly have a lot of pizzerias in Western New York. You could try a new one nearly every day and there seems to be one every 6- seconds driving around.

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With how many great pizzerias there are in Buffalo, there are bound to be ones that for whatever reason, are overlooked, even though they have tremendous pizza. The detail they have for the ingredients and you of course, have to have those Buffalo pizza traditions at the forefront.

I love trying new pizza places and that feeling of amazement when you have a pizza that's super good. Hopefully, these places can be tried for the first time with many who have driven by, but never have stopped in.

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