Buffalo pizza is a staple of Western New York.

One of the things that a Buffalonian tries to explain to an out-of-towner is that Western New York has its very own pizza style. Buffalo should be on the same level as New York, Chicago and Detroit. There are so many pizzerias in Western New York -- even the city limits of Buffalo has more pizza places than the average city.

Slightly thicker crust, extra cheese, sweeter tomato sauce and cup-and-char pepperoni. There are also some New York style pizza spots, which makes Buffalo a pizza haven for foodies.

We know about the gold standards here -- the pizzerias that are legends in Buffalo.

  • Picasso's
  • La Nova
  • Imperial
  • Bocce Club
  • Francos
  • etc

There are so many great pizza places though. The north towns alone has enough amazing pizza places to take care of an entire metropolitan area, but then you add in all the south town places, near-Buffalo suburbs like Cheektowaga and Depew, plus all the City of Buffalo places. It's an ungodly number of great pizzerias.

There are many that fly under the radar. There's no way to get bad pizza in Buffalo, and you can get a different place every day of the year. Some of these places have been around for a number of years, staying busy on Bills gamedays and Super Bowl Sunday, but for whatever reason never gets the full credit they deserve.

Here are five of the most underrated pizza places in Western New York.

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