Talk about a head case.

This year I couldn't figure out for the life of me how all the lettuce in my garden was getting eaten. I assumed it was a rabbit, and I put a huge fence around the entire garden.

Rob Banks


It kept getting eaten, so I put a tight-chained fence around each head of lettuce in the garden.

Rob Banks

Failed again.

It was still getting eaten. Well, I finally found out who's been eating it, and now, I'm not as mad, and instead, I've been getting quite the entertainment.

Rob Banks

There are five baby rabbits living in the garden, and I found their hole right in the middle of all the carrots (how convenient for them, right?). The problem is that they are so big now that every morning I find them trying to get in or out of my fenced garden, and they get their heads stuck. Imagine five baby rabbits with their heads stuck in a line in the fence.

I don't have the heart to kick them out, so as long as they want to stay, they can have the lettuce!