We are just a few days away from Veteran’s Day and so it is only right that we recognize one of our incredible veterans this week as our Hometown Hero.  This week we honor 46 year old Robert Kicak.

His nomination came from his niece and said:

I want to nominate my uncle Robert Kicak.  I don't remember how many years ago it was but he served in the US Army.  He is a great man!  He’s the type of person that will give you the shirt off his back, no questions asked.  He will help any person in need and is always there to talk.  I don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves for what he did and all the time that he served in the army.  So I'd like to be the person that recognizes all of his hard work and dedication, all the time he spent away from his family while he was serving in the army to protect everyone of us American citizens.

We would like to help you with that.  A big thank you goes out to your Uncle Robbie.  We are proud to name him and all the other veterans out there our Hometown Heroes this week.  Your service does not go unrecognized and we are grateful to each and every one who has served.

If you would like to nominate someone to be our next Hometown Hero, click the button below. We will choose a new Hometown Hero who is currently serving or has served in the past each Friday. If their name is chosen, we will not only feature them on WYRK.com, but we’ll be sure to thank them for their service on the air and dedicate the first song on Noon Tunes to them.

Once again, thank you to veteran Robert Kicak from the United States Army, our Hometown Hero of the week!


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