If you plan to cross into Canada anytime this summer, Customs and Border Protection say be patient and be prepared with all your documents. They say no matter how long the lines are, they have to process each vehicle the same way and their mission never changes. They’re there to protect the country.

They say one thing to consider is getting a NEXUS card to move you thru quicker – it’s almost like an express pass.

NEXUS is a part of Customs and Border Protection’s Trusted Traveler Program. It allows pre-cleared travelers to quickly cross borders by air, land or by water and thru airports. It’s an alternative to passports and enhanced driver licenses in New York State.

It requires an interview, proper ID documents and a $50 application processing fee. Once you're OK’d for the card it allows you to pass quickly pass thru both U.S. and Canadian customs booths.

For more information on the program or to enroll, see the Customs and Border Patrol NEXUS Program website.

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