Congrats to Linda George of Wyoming County. She was the lucky veteran that won a brand new vehicle from the Basil Family of Dealerships!

Linda was on of nine finalist who was nominated by a loved one to win a vehicle in the 3rd Annual Vehicle for Vets promotion. The finalist gathered Friday night at Buffalo Riverworks as each vet picked a key fob out of a bag in hopes thats there's would make the car light up. Linda was finalist number 7, meaning she had only three fobs to pick from, and she was able to pick the right one. Like all of the other finalists she was very graceful and very appreciative of the opportunity.

Linda has decided to put her winnings towards a new truck for her husband, who nominated her. She told us he couldn't attend the final because he was at home milking the cows on their dairy farm. She said the new truck is needed for the farm and her husband would be tickled that she thought of him.

Linda became a member of the 365th Evacuation Hospital. She participated and trained with a medical unit, by going through boot camp, working in hospitals (ECMC and Field Hospitals) and training in Niagara Falls. She took part in the first coed boot camp in its beginning time period, where as the girls tried to keep up with the guys. Her unit was deployed to Desert Storm. Learn more about Linda George and her service HERE.

Watch the full ceremony and see the moment when Linda realized she had won the vehicle!




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