Once again, the Basil Family of Dealerships has partnered with the Veterans One Stop Center of Western New York to launch “Vehicles for Vets”, a summer-long promotion in which a veteran or active serving military member can win a new vehicle.

Every week, one nomination will be chosen and their story highlighted on Wednesday morning. During the final week, the nine finalists who were selected will be invited to Buffalo Riverworks on Friday, August 18th for the revealing of the grand prize winner!

There will be a final random selection for the winner of the vehicle. Winner chooses from one of six brand new cars or $21,000 in Basil Bucks towards a used vehicle. The person who nominates the winner will receive $1,000 cash!

Our 7th finalist is Linda George, who was nominated by her husband, Patrick George. Patrick writes:

I have lived with a veteran for 30 years. When I met her, she was still serving in the United States Army. She joined the service because her father refused to give any of his three daughters an education. Her two sisters choice a life of addiction and law-breaking, while my wife choose a more positive route to get an education, while at the same time, serve her Country. My wife became a member of the 365th Evacuation Hospital. She participated and trained with a medical unit, by going through boot camp, working in hospitals (ECMC and Field Hospitals) and training in Niagara Falls. She took part in the first coed boot camp in its beginning time period, where as the girls tried to keep up with the guys. Her unit went to Desert Storm. She was “on call” working in the “civilian” nursing field. One of those jobs was caring for veterans in the Veteran’s Hospital. After going back to school, for additional nurse training, she was the charge nurse on a chronic floor of veterans. She served her Country and her community, by taking part in any program making a positive changes to an individual(s) lives. For example: opening a welcoming door to all to enter Roswell Park during their building renovations, changing public library policy for longer use of materials, bringing extending area calling to our region before cell phones, and all around volunteering, like she did when she joined the US service and honorably discharged. She has pulled her own weight over the years, and continues to believes in part, it was for being a member of the US Army. They started her on the way with an education. She a good nurse, and a proud veteran, who has worked hard. She had even worked crazy hours serving her Country for Homeland Security while caring for patients in home care and doing flu shot assist. She has dodged the bullet of life to care for others. If there is a soldier or veteran who truly has gone beyond the call-of-duty for mankind, she is one of them. Thank you for Basil, for your consideration, and honor to write about her.

Hear from Linda herself below:

Click the button below to nominate a veteran, and they could be selected to receive a free vehicle from Basil Family Dealerships!

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