The Buffalo Blizzard right before Christmas completely demolished the Wehrle Golf Dome, which has been located at 8230 Wehrle Dr, Williamsville, NY 14221. Crews have been outside working on the dome. They, obviously, will be needing a completely new dome. One employee told us that the dome was HOPING to be back open by March 1, 2023.

They actually changed the name to 'The Dome' in 2017 with a restaurant called 'LOCAL' (very, very good, get the chicken sandwich), Woods to Wedges, and Golf Headquarters all inside. All three of those are still open by the way as they get a brand new dome since it was demolished in the storm.

If you have not seen the video circulating on social media during the storm you can see it below.

The OTHER golf dome in Western New York, the Paddock Golf Dome, ironically is down since the storm, but not because the dome was ruined. At last check, the Paddock Gold Dome won't be back open until Summer 2023.

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