It's crazy to think that we are just two weeks away from Thanksgiving. Okay, over two weeks away, but let's be honest, you have to start planning now for the upcoming holiday season.

Soon, people will be venturing out for Christmas shopping; whether it's presents, decorations or food. Sometimes, the food can also be a present. That's especially the case for a "gag gift."

A gag gift is a gift that is meant to be funny. We have all gotten those gifts before. They're more popular around the holidays, especially for Secret Santa.

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There's a new product at Vidler's 5 & 10 in East Aurora that would be a perfect gag gift, and it sold out immediately this month.

Vidler's posted on Facebook that they have new possum-flavored candy canes (yes, possum-flavored). They said they sold out but they have more on the way, so not to worry.

If you have been to Vidler's before, then you know that they sell things that you cannot find anywhere else. That's especially the case for toys and candy/soda pop. The wide range of pop flavors at Vidler's is something we have seen for decades.

Vidler's is a must-stop during the holiday shopping season. That goes for the Marilla Country Store on Two Rod Road in Marilla. These places have stood the test of time and have been opened for multiple generations.

The holiday season is about tradition and giving, which is what is so great about these locally-owned stores who have been opened for decades and decades.

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